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Read and critique the following:
Kile, J. F., Inampudi, M. R. (2007) Chapter X, Agile software development assurance: Agile project management, quality metrics, and methodologies. Page 186-205  (see attached)
This week’s discussion document presents a case in which a new project team was tasked to improve upon the work of their predecessor team. The previous quality management plan needed to be updated and the agile methodology was selected to replace the previous waterfall approach in the improvement effort.
After reading the paper, what individual agile techniques do you believe most contributed to the new project’s success in improving quality?
Review the journal article below and provide a summary of your understanding of the message of the study in one paragraph.
This short essay should be 50-100 words (not including references) and you must provide evidence for your position using 1 academic or professional sources.

  • Redman, T. (2018). Chapter 8: Can Your Data Be Trusted? In HBR Guide to Data Analytics Basics for Managers. Boston, Massachusetts: Harvard Business Review Press. (see attached)
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